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Creating Contrast
Highlighting Highlights and Deepening Darks with Botanical Artist Ann Swan

Photographic portrait of botanical artist Ann Swan who teaches on creative retreats and holidays at Atelier Clos Mirabel in France.

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    Join Botanical Artist Ann Swan, RHS Gold Medalist and author of ‘Botanical Painting with Coloured Pencils’ for a week of Botanical drawing with a specific focus on creating contrast using coloured pencils.

    About this course:

    “We see objects because of light and in order to create realistic images of plants we need to fully understand light and observe how it reacts with our subjects to describe their shapes.” In this workshop Ann will show you how to interpret light and shade and to accurately capture these contrasting tonal values to create a true sense of three-dimensional form and volume in your work.

    Ann will demonstrate ways of creating realistic highlights and sheen and help you choose convincing shade colours to create depth in shadows whilst maintaining vibrant colours so that your work will come to life on the page.

    You will be able to put all this into practice on a more finished piece with guidance on composition and full support from Ann.

    More course details to follow.

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