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Marc Grandbois

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Resident of L’Anse Saint-Jean, Quebec, Marc Grandbois began painting at a very young age alongside his mother, herself a painter. He completed his Fine Arts at Concordia University in 1991 and rapidly gained a certain notoriety as a watercolor painter between 1992 and 2002. In parallel to his production, he taught painting and drawing. He also participates in numerous painting events and exhibitions across the province and south of the border.

Tired of the financial uncertainty often associated with the life of an artist, he set aside easel and brushes for a good ten years painting only occasionally and accepting a few contracts. In 2010, he left Mauricie for the Saguenay. The exceptional beauty of the landscape and the unique environment of the fjord motivated this decision and was the trigger for a return to his first passion; painting.

The Nordic landscape has always been a source of inspiration. His work is characterized by the priority given to the atmosphere, the brushstroke; casual but fair and the richness of color. His palette, sometimes subtle, sometimes fauve, adjusts to suit the atmospheres he wants to create. “I firmly believe that figurative art, especially the landscape, remains very current if it transcends the narrative and in a way becomes a basis for experimenting with gestures, color and light.” Signature member of the IAF (Institut des Arts Figuratifs), Marc Grandbois’s works can be found in galleries and several public and private collections in Canada and abroad. He teaches and participates at numerous painting events and exhibitions across Québec, Canada and the USA.

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