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Where to find us?

We are pleased to inform you that Air France/KLM’s low-cost airline Transavia has recently opened new lines between Paris and Pau.


Pau to Paris with Transavia

Lourdes/Tarbes to London-Stansted, Dublin and Bruxelles with Ryanair

Biarritz to London-Gatwick, Bristol, Basel and Berlin with Easyjet

San Sebastian, Toulouse and Bordeaux offer many other connections.

Train station

London/Paris/London by Eurostar

Paris/Pau/Paris by TGV
A night train from Paris to Pau is now in operation.

Clos Mirabel Atelier
276, avenue des Frères Barthélémy
64110 Jurançon
Pau, Pyrénées-Atlantiques
S.W. France

Geographical coordinates: 43.282667 Lat, -0.412890 Long

Phone: +33 (0)679 590 491


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