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Sheila Frampton-Cooper

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After channeling her artistic muse to painting, jewelry making and architectural photography for many years, Sheila plunged into abstract quilt-making in 2010. Guided by no plan, no sketch and no agenda, but fed by intuition and inspired by nature’s palette, she speeds into journeys of revelation and surprise in her quilt studio. Her live intensity is apparent in the colours, lines and shapes of her improvisational textile works.

“Whether I’m painting, drawing or piecing a studio quilt, moving head first into the unknown fuels my creativity,” Sheila said. “I relish all the surprising discoveries along the way as the journey starts to reveal itself to me.”

Since embarking on her fiber art adventure, Sheila has won awards at major quilt shows, including: IQA World of Beauty in Houston, AQS Show in Paducah and Road to California. Her work has been exhibited worldwide.

Sheila is also a passionate teacher and has shared her process in workshops around the world. She says, “Another wonderful change quilting brought into my life was the opportunity to teach. It is a privilege for me to witness what my students accomplish in 2-5 days! I am honored to hold the space and guide them as they discover the freedom, joy, and for some, the slight discomfort that comes from not knowing the outcome of their creations”.

Sheila currently resides in Ventura, California.

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Quilted fabric, abstract design in blues and orange by artist and workshop tutor Sheila Frampton Cooper.
Bright colourful quilting design by Sheila Frampton Cooper workshop tutor and artist.
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