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Sam Hunter

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Sam Hunter is an award-winning fiber artist, quilt pattern designer, and the owner of Hunter’s Design Studio in Portland, Oregon. She started stitching when she was 7 years old and hasn’t really stopped since.

Sam Hunter holds an BA in Sculpture and an MFA in Fiber Art, and blends this classic training with her great sense of play in creating art. She simply loves to share the joy of making beautiful things.

‘’I approach the needle arts with a deep reverence for the history that has gone before me. Women have always sewn, and the reasons for doing so are as varied as the stitches we’ve made over the centuries. I love incorporating this sense of heritage and lineage in my work, while maintaining my interest in contemporary ideas.’’

As a teacher and former college professor Sam is encouraging and generous, helping her students to achieve their creative vision.

‘’The thing that inspires me most as a teacher is that I get to help a student unwrap and enjoy the gifts of their own creativity. I love de-mystifying the formality of art, and making it accessible to anyone who wants to come play.’’

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Sam Hunter standing quilted fabrics.
Reels of colourful threads for embroidery project.
Planning for embroidery project cover, view from Clos Mirabel.
Planning cover design for embroidery holiday with Sam Hunter.
Colourful threads selected for embroidery project with Sam Hunter - France.
Embroidered journal covers - Sam Hunter.
Inside a travel journal - Sam Hunter.
Sam Hunter doing embroidery.
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