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Wendy Artin

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Wendy Artin: “I love paper, and pigments being transported along a thin surface of transparent water. Although my paintings are often classical, I studied at the Museum School in Boston and the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris when marks, gesture and atmosphere were of greatest importance. As I travelled more and more, the charcoal and oils gave way to a small watercolor box and brushes. Through the streets of Rome, Paris, Barcelona, Boston, New York, Mexico and Guatemala, I have painted indoors and out, subjects from the eternal to the fleeting. The human form and the humble strawberry are endlessly inspiring.”

Wendy Artin is an American painter. She primarily works in watercolour and charcoal. Her work is figurative and classical and explores the timeless interaction of light with surfaces on architecture and the human body.


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A few students’ testimonials from summer 2022 at Atelier Clos Mirabel:

I really appreciated the way you walked around the room to see the model (human or vegetal) from the angle we saw it, and then watched our technique before giving tips. You really helped each of us improve in ways specific to our needs.

What a treat to be in your class for two days. You are a lovely person and thoughtful teacher. I will be sure to work on what I learned (still life's not nudes, haha) during this long cold winter ahead.

Your class was one of the most enjoyable I've taken over the years, thank you for everything, and I will look for the shadows.

Thanks Wendy for your help and kind words. I was tremendously inspired by your work, your demos, and your individual critiques of others and myself. I learned a lot about the wet into wet process, and how different papers react to the pigment.

What was so helpful was your easy, lovely, supportive just jump in attitude. The joy you have and give with your paintings is infectious. I truly hope to be lucky enough to be in another class of yours.


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Three paintings in watercolour of the female body by artist and tutor Wendy Artin - atelier clos mirabel.
Watercolour painting of strawberries on stems by artist and tutor Wendy Artin for Clos Mirabel Ateliers.
Pink radicchio in watercolor by artist Wendy Artin.
Peach branch in water colour by artist Wendy Artin.
Blue green squash in water colour by artist Wendy Artin.
Nude water color by artist Wendy Artin
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