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Mary Dillon

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Capturing the essence of a plant with its sensuality and frailty defines the evocative work of Mary Dillon. Preferring to work in large format, color, light and form permeate her work giving it a contemporary dynamism.

‘I’m fascinated by the notion of temporal change in the plant world. Every moment in the life cycle of a plant is just that, a moment in time, even when it seems that all life has left the plant, change continues to occur. The dynamism of growth, from the sprouting of a seed to the last moment of change in colour and form, captivates me.’

Mary has a fascination for botanical art as a personal process while at the same time striving for excellence in her art practice.

Her work belongs in the collection of Dr. Shirley Sherwood and in the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation in Pittsburgh. Mary was the founding Chairperson of the Irish Society of Botanical Artists and enjoys connecting with the worldwide community of botanical artists through teaching and exhibiting. An award winning artist, in 2022, Mary’s work was selected as ‘Best in Show’ at the ASBA 25th International Exhibition of Botanical Art in New York.

Teaching botanical art brings together her three passions of painting, plants and working with people.


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Spending uninterrupted time painting in the studio was blissful. Thank you Mary for your teaching. While I was less experienced than others, you were still able to diversify to help me progress.

I loved our time painting. There was something special about painting in the quietness that Mary encouraged us to keep. It made the experience very personal.

I’ve been with Mary before and every time I feel my painting improves. This time it felt like so much clicked for me and my painting has taken a big move forward.


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Floral illustration by botanical artist Mary Dillion - painting retreat france.
Pink flower, illustration by Mary Dillion botanical artist and tutor Clos Mirabel.
Botanical illustration by botanical artists Mary Dillon in red and purple tones of a rose with falling petals.
Botanical illustration of flower in orange and red by Mary Dillion - painting holiday tutor.
Blue cornflower illustration by Botanical Artist and tutor - Mary Dillion for atelier clos mirabel France.
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