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Jude Scott

Portrait of Jude Scott, artist and tutor Clos Mirabel Atelier France.

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Exploring Watercolour with Jude Scott (08 Nov 2025 - 15 Nov 2025)

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Jude Scott is an award-winning artist who was born in Perth, Western Australia and has studied painting in oils, watercolour and drawing with professional tutors and artists in Western Australia, New South Wales and China.

Jude specialises in watercolour, drawn to the medium because of its diverse nature.

“Watercolour is such a beautiful and expressive medium to use, it can be powerful and bold or delicate and transparent, it is a medium that can also produce exquisite textures that never fail to fascinate me. I find inspiration from a diverse range of subjects and always love a fresh challenge. Favourite subjects are serene landscapes, vibrant floral works and intriguing faces,“ says Jude.

Jude is a popular teacher, demonstrator and workshop tutor in rural W.A. and in Perth, running classes in her Canning Vale studio. Jude tutors workshops on demand for small or large groups, art societies and interest groups throughout the year.

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Painting, flowers in vase, bird sitting on bowl.
Landscape painting in grey tones by artist and painting holidays tutor Jude Scott.
Orange coloured mountains painting by Australian artist Jude Scott.
Blue hydrangea in watercolour by artist Jude Scott.
Trees with river in foreground, watercolour grey tones.
River scene in blue and grey tones, watercolour by artist Jude Scott.
Watercolour painting of poppies by Jude Scott.
Watercolour landscape painting of field in orange tones by artist by Jude Scott.
Watercolour painting of five trees by Jude Scott.
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