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Angela Maddock & Chloe Briggs

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Chloe Briggs is an artist, educator and mum based in Paris. In 2013 she created, ‘Drawing is Free’, an initiative designed to bring people together around the pleasure and practice of drawing. This work takes many forms, including: educational materials, live events and community projects. Chloe contributes to the Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize, for which she writes educational materials. Drawing is Free has enjoyed the support of Arts Council England, Mairie de Paris, and various respected Arts and Education institutions in the U.K. and Europe. Since 2020 ‘Drawing is Free’ has had increasing presence and life online. As an artist Chloe draws and makes things daily, considering drawing as her focus: the underlying creative force that drives it all.

Angela and Chloe began working together during the Covid 19 pandemic, when Chloe joined one of Angela’s on-line repair workshops. Their friendship developed into collaboration ‘Looking for Green’, which brought together drawing and textile making in Paris in 2022. They teach drawing and stitch classes together on-line.

“Thanks for all the inspiration through the incredible ideas you have for making art…you have in no small part, helped to get me to the stage I am at now (a strong place with lots of hope for the future that is !)” Alison Philip

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Angela Maddock is a thread-based artist and lecturer with a PhD in textiles from the Royal College of Art, where she was also a visiting tutor. She worked for many years at Swansea College of Art, where she taught contextual studies and led the MA in Textiles. She is Senior Honorary Research Fellow at King’s College, London and a recipient of Crafts Council of Great Britain and Arts Council Wales awards.

Angela describes herself as a textile butterfly, her practice focuses on embroidery, repair, quilting, applique and tapestry weaving. She teaches quilt making on line from her home in South Wales and is a published writer. She has a love of drawing and its translation into thread.

‘You have such a gentle and accommodating approach, and are so generous in sharing your knowledge, which is really appreciated’ Fiona Nixon

‘You were my contextual studies lecturer – never change, you were and still are awesome!’ Lily Faith

Dr Angela Maddock PhD (RCA)
Senior Honorary Research Fellow, King’s College London

Personal website

Quilted cape - creative retreats France.
Embroidered textile - creative makers retreats France.
Blue and white fabric with appliqué - creative retreat France.
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