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Michael Solovyev

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Michael is often called a “sunny watercolourist” – his airy, transparent artworks look as though they emit the sunlight. His traditional academic art education, extensive experience as a head theater stage designer, and oil painter career now inform his priority as a watercolour artist – light. His main belief is that sometimes even a pile of rubbish with beautiful lighting can become an artwork. Michael is a watercolour artist of great renown, with exhibitions and workshops all over the world, from Bolivia to France to Australia.

Michael sees his work as an artist as exploration and observation of the world and its presentation in such way the others can see the things he saw – one of the most interesting jobs in the world. His stage designer background provided two main insights fundamental for his subsequent watercolour artist career – understanding that the light is paramount to the art and the love for collective co-creation.

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Testimonies from Michael Solovyev’s students:

That was helpful. I really do appreciate that you are so willing to share what you know and give us so many helpful hints. I can tell that teaching gives you great joy! — Gerry

An excellent course! Michael makes it look so simple, but at the same time gives deeper explanations of colour theory, perspective, design and more. Love it! — Ana

Your enthusiasm, willingness to share tips, secrets, techniques & insights, along with your love of watercolour is apparent, conveyed well & inspiring, for this I am grateful — Brian

The techniques used and the explanation of everything was easy to follow and allowed me to practice a looser style of painting — Cherie


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Watercolour painting of town square - painting holidays france with Michael Solovyev.
Winter landscape painting by Micheal Solovyev painting holidays France.
Winter sky painting by Micheal Solovyev - painting holidays France.
Painting of young asian girl in watercolour by artist and tutor Micheal Solovyev, Clos Mirabel painting holidays.
Old man in mask, portrait painting workshop Atelier Clos Mirabel.
Girl with hat, portrait by workshop tutor Micheal Solovyev, Atelier Clos Mirabel.
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