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Michelle EunYoung Song SBA Fellow

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Michelle EunYoung Song specializes in coloured and graphite pencil work and loves to draw in a variety of materials including watercolour, pen and ink, ink wash, etc.

Once she has chosen a certain plant to draw, she picks the most relevant and adapted material to express its characteristics. She acknowledges the overriding importance of focused observation to enable the drawing of the plant. She believes that if you do not understand the structure of the plant, you cannot fully express the plant in all its intricacy.

Michelle therefore spends a lot of time observing the plant. It can take up to six months for her to draw a specimen. As an SBA fellow (Society of Botanical Arts), Michelle has participated in a number of exhibitions in Korea, in the UK and in Germany. She has received many awards including the Strathmore Artist Papers Bursary Award and the Derwent Award.

Michelle’s books on botanical art are bestsellers in South Korea. Her forthcoming work on plants and life is to be published soon.

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Botanical illustration of cockscomb plant by Michelle EunYoung Song.
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