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Intuitive Painting with Petra Schott

Petra Schott abstract artist standing in front of two of her paintings in pink and grey tones.

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Our Art Studio
The Art Studio, full of natural light was designed by our Italian architect and offers a spacious open plan layout of 55 m 2. It is available at all times during your stay.

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On this abstract painting course, Petra Schott invites you on a journey of discovery in which all participants can develop their full potential. Teaching the basics about composition, figuration, abstraction and colour theory you will work with different materials and a range of mediums to develop your own creative universe.

About this course:

During this painting retreat at Clos Mirabel Art Atelier in South West France, the idea is about abandoning old ways and welcoming new painting methods in a playful, experimental manner. As Picasso once said:

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he/she grows up.”

Of course, there is some necessary knowledge in order to dive more intensively into the painting experience. Therefore Petra will teach some basics about composition, figuration, abstraction, working with different materials like canvas and paper and about using a range of mediums (acrylics, egg-tempura, oil, spray paint) and colour theory on a daily basis and in addition to providing proposals on how to use creative techniques. These are techniques that allow us not to overly control the painting process and to avoid the differentiation between what is “right or wrong”. You will explore abstract as well as figurative painting, and each participant will find out which expression form she/he feels drawn to and how to develop one’s own creative universe.

Petra Schott will encourage everyone to work with a large format (minimum 140×140cm canvases) for at least one or two days. This can be great fun since it is more difficult to control everything on large surfaces. It can feel like a kind of letting-go experience where you feel totally free.

No specific background is needed to take part. If you are familiar with a particular painting technique, you should definitely bring your own materials. Those who are currently in a painting process of their own do not need to strictly follow her instructions.

Please bring smaller and larger pieces of canvas with you (rolled or folded or stretched if you can transport them, plain or coated) to be hung or put on the floor, inside or outside and worked on. Petra will explain how to later stretch these canvases on their wooden support if necessary. You begin by working on paper (strong, thick paper highly recommended).

Feel free to come with your favourite materials: coloured pencils, graphite pencils, acrylic liners and pastel sticks. You can also bring a selection of small and large brushes and acrylics, none of which need to be expensive materials. You will have to be equipped at least with the primary colours (red, blue and yellow) as well as black, purple, ochre and white.

Non-participating guests: we are more than happy to welcome accompanying partners, family or friends. There are plenty of activities to experience around Clos Mirabel, that will make your holiday unforgettable Click here for more information.

The Art Studio, full of natural light was designed by our Italian architect and offers a spacious open plan layout of 55 m2. It is available at all times during your stay, Click here for more information.

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