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Navigating between eastern traditions and western worlds with Eban Eban

Portrait of artist Eban wearing black and orange jacket.
Join artist and tutor Eban at Atelier Clos Mirabel for your next painting holiday in France.

This Tutor Bio

Our Art Studio
The Art Studio, full of natural light was designed by our Italian architect and offers a spacious open plan layout of 55 m 2. It is available at all times during your stay.

Eban is a French-Vietnamese artist, specialising in watercolour with a unique style, uniting the crafts of ancient Asian custom with European Beaux-Arts tradition.

About this course:

Eban describes wa­ter­­colour like writ­ing with a brush, allowing us to ex­press­ emo­­tions that live within us in ev­ery instant. Eban’s vi­­sion of wa­ter­­colour is close to a lyri­­cal ab­s­tract/figurative gesture that gives pri­or­i­­ty to feel­ings, spon­­tane­i­­ty and intuition.
Dur­ing this painting week, Eban will guide you through a cre­a­­tive work path where the objective is to tran­scribe brief sen­sa­­tions that arise in the pre­sent mo­­ment. Emphasis is giv­en to chance and unpredictable schemes, supported by a subtle balance of com­po­si­­tion and of colour har­­mony.
Through a mix­ture of light­ness and gent­ly flow­ing in­struc­tion, Eban moves to­wards more per­so­n­alised work which gives you an op­por­tu­ni­ty to ex­pe­ri­ence the un­fold­ing and deep­en­ing of your own cre­a­tiv­i­ty.

What you need to bring:
Your tutor will be in touch well before the course with a suggested list of materials.
Clos Mirabel stocks some basic art supplies that you can purchase and there’s no obligation to bring anything specific.

To save you being overloaded on your flight we can provide the following:

portable chairs
drawing boards
water bottles
white spirit

As for clothing the days are usually warm in the summer time, but it can rain, sometimes for a day or two at a time. So, we recommend a lightweight waterproof coat and perhaps an umbrella to protect your work. The evenings might be a little cooler, so warm pullovers or tops are recommended. Walking shoes are also highly recommended.

We are very happy to welcome non-participating partners: husbands, wives, partners, friends of people who come on one of our courses. We can suggest a wide range of activities to make their stay memorable. Click through to learn more…

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