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Within the Landscape with Zuzanna Skiba

portrait of international artist Zuzzana Skiba wearing grey shirt

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Our Art Studio
The Art Studio, full of natural light was designed by our Italian architect and offers a spacious open plan layout of 55 m 2. It is available at all times during your stay.

About this course:

In this course we will be dealing with the creative translation of a landscape both in drawings and paintings and with the depiction of the world we live in. Through our developing sensory perception the eye and the spirit are consciously stimulated keeping us focused at a philosophical level. In this way we are able to deepen our observation of the landscape and simultaneously translate this experience into an artistic process. With the combination of a bird’s eye view, low angle view and human height perspective, the resulting paintings reach an interesting higher level of complexity. Every available visual information will be collected and used for paintings in the studio: sketches, notes, videos, photos from the beautiful French Pyrenees. An important part of the session are daily discussions on the participant’s productions.

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