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Integrating Time and Place: An Inspiring Process
with Maddie Rose Hills


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Our Art Studio
The Art Studio, full of natural light was designed by our Italian architect and offers a spacious open plan layout of 55 m 2. It is available at all times during your stay.

About this course:

I will be hands on helping people throughout, with advice on colour/composition/oil painting.
Run up: A short list of reading for anyone interested, on walking, painting, colour (to read one or a few in the run up or during the 5 days)

Day 1: Introduction:
A short artist talk with lots of images about painting the landscape, colour, things to look out for, painting from memory, followed by a walk in the local area. Collecting objects that appeal to us, discussing why. Photographing areas of the landscape that are of enjoyment – details or vistas. Back in the studio looking at the photographs that each individual took to see what we can learn about composition from these. How does it encourage us to think in a new way about composition. How much sky to land, how much foreground / background etc, what colours were appealing to us
Start priming a canvas (we will talk about the kind of colours that you might want to paint the canvas underneath the artwork to give it more depth. and sketching composition.

Day 2: In the Studio:
Slightly warped from a nights sleep we will begin a playful and relaxed painting of the landscape from memory
An introduction to the oil painting process if this has not been covered yesterday. How to make them liquidy with Sans Odor, how to make them thick, how to blend colours, how to work out light and shade, how to begin a painting. Cover all of this before going into it.
Aim to work on two in that day – one from a new photograph composition

Day 3: In nature:
A walk around the area, this time with sketch books, pencils, watercolours, choosing a spot and moving around every couple of hours

Day 4: Back in the Studio
With the studios from yesterday, choose a couple of these to make a larger painting of today in the studio. All you will have from reference is your sketch. This is will an abstract study

Day 5: TBD
A walk first thing, followed by back in the studio reworking some of our favourite canvases from the weekend, or starting a new one based from a landscape or sketch that hasn’t turned out as we want or we are particularly enjoying.

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