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Inner Immensity with Christiane Bergelt

a portrait of Christiane Bergelt in front of one of her canvas

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Our Art Studio
The Art Studio, full of natural light was designed by our Italian architect and offers a spacious open plan layout of 55 m 2. It is available at all times during your stay.

About this course:

During painting wide, immeasurable spaces of perception and reflection open up.
My central issue for this Masterclass is to delve into these resonant spaces through the use of colour and process-oriented work.
Clos Mirabel itself and its environment exudes a plethora of sensual experiences we can turn to: motifs like the pyrenean mountain ranges as well as still life and figurative motifs.
We behold ourselves: what is in front of us and what is looking back at us?
In this sense I consider exploring our very own inclinations is essential. What motifs do you tend to? What holds your attention? How can we unfold our own pictorial language and still transcend the all too personal?
To transform inner and outer landscape motifs into pictorial space we will use various methods like body awareness, drawing with closed eyes, palette reduction, motif repetition and mobile phone snapshots.
I assume staying true to ourselves and our inclinations is a radical part of artistic practice. On that note I’ll introduce you to artists work that show a unique handwriting and at the same time transcend the categories of landscape painting, still life and figuration and redefine them.

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