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Event calendar


  • Dates: 22/04/23-29/04/23

    Painting Holidays Atelier:

    Abstract painting by Petra Schott - Tutor - Art retreat - Atelier Clos Mirabel.

    “Intuitive Painting with Petra Schott” More Info

  • Dates: 27/05/23-03/06/23

    Botanical Art Atelier:

    Crocus Vernus, watercolour illustration by Catherine Watters.

    “Botanical Art – A Passion for Plants with Catherine Watters” More Info

  • Dates: 01/07/23-08/07/23

    Makers' Retreats Atelier:

    Artwork by artist Catriona Pollard - basketry tutor, Ateliers Clos Mirabel.

    “Sculptural Basketry with Catriona Pollard” More Info

  • Dates: 09/09/23-16/09/23

    Botanical Art Atelier:

    Dryopteris Wallichiana, watercolour illustration by Laura Silburn.

    “Exploring Pyrenean flora with Laura Silburn” More Info

  • Dates: 16/09/23-23/09/23

    Painting Holidays Atelier:

    Painting, flowers in vase, bird sitting on bowl.

    “Getting Started in Watercolour, with Jude Scott” More Info

  • Dates: 30/09/23-07/10/23

    Painting Holidays Atelier:

    Watercolour painting of poppies by Jude Scott.

    “Mastering Watercolour- from Studio to Plein Air with Jude Scott” More Info

  • Dates: 07/10/23-14/10/23

    Painting Holidays Atelier:

    Artwork by artist and tutor Jenny Aitken. Fields and hillside in green acrylic tones .

    “Focusing on light with Jenny Aitken, ARSMA” More Info

  • Dates: 21/10/23-28/10/23

    Painting Holidays Atelier:

    Art masterclass France - tutor Christopher Eymann.

    “Working together: Journeys entwined with Christopher Eymann” More Info