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From Plant to Painting with Shevaun Doherty and Dianne Sutherland

Join Shevaun Doherty and Dianne Sutherland for one week of drawing and painting the rich flora of Clos Mirabel, using watercolours to capture the colours and textures of the plants.

About this course:

A course on the stages leading up to a painting

Behind every finished painting is hours of thought, planning and preparation. In this course we will focus on the elusive stages that come before the final work; from finding a subject, to the composition, we will reveal artists process during those crucial developmental stages.

The week will begin with a walk around the grounds of Clos Mirabel, where you will source your subject. Back in the studio the work will commence investigating the plant and you will undertake a study or sketchbook style page by deconstructing the plant into the sum of its parts and identifying the important parts for inclusion.

You will learn how to arrange the plant parts on the page to make best use of space; using overlaps, separation and aerial perspective. The process will include working out colours, including underlying colour, tints and shades, and saturation, as well as the relevant watercolour techniques for the different features of the plant.

Finally, you will work on fine tuning a final composition towards the creation of a painting using your reference from the previous study page work.

By the end of the week the process from plant to painting will be clear and you will be ready to take your painting to a finished stage with confidence.

In this course you will have the advantage of having two tutors and their different specialities to assist you with the process.

Non-painting guests: we are more than happy to welcome non-painting guests, accompanying partners, family or friends. There are plenty of activities to experience around Clos Mirabel, that will make your holiday unforgettable Click here for more information.

The Art Studio, full of natural light was designed by our Italian architect and offers a spacious open plan layout of 55 m2. It is available at all times during your stay. Click here for more information.

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