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Botanical Drawing and Painting with Catherine Watters

Discover the fascinating world of Botanical Art, starting with a walk around the magnificent Clos Mirabel property to choose your subject. A variety of plants will be in bloom including Iris, Lilies, Ranunculus, Rhododendron, and many species of Orchids.

About this course:

Join Catherine Watters for one week of drawing and painting the incredibly diverse flora of Clos Mirabel, using watercolours to capture the colours and textures of the plants.

Back in the studio, Catherine will teach you how to carefully observe, measure and draw your subject focusing on form, light and texture. After composing your illustration, we will discuss the properties of watercolours and work on colour mixing. You will then be ready to apply several layers of paint using proper lighting to make your subject come to life.

The course will include a PowerPoint presentation on ‘The History of Botanical Art’, numerous demonstrations and an exhibition on the last day. Students will work with graphite and watercolour, however if you prefer, you can use coloured pencils. All levels of experience are welcome.

Further details of Catherine Watter’s 2024 course at Atelier Clos Mirabel to be published shortly.

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