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Zuzanna Skiba

Portrait of international artist Zuzanna Skiba wearing grey overall.

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At the intersection between art and cartography, Zuzanna Skiba enfolds self-standing pictures that are supported by a framework of thoughts made of magnetic fields, aerial views and terrain transcriptions. She combines all three perspective angles (bird’s eye view, low angle view and human height perspective) in surreal artistic series. Skiba was first trained as a cartographer before she turned to fine arts. She studied at the Groningen Art Academy in the Netherlands, then in Bielefeld and Berlin, Germany. She now has her works shown internationally and perceives the world through topographic, political and philosophical eyes. She is a member of the German Art Union, and has obtained a great number of grants such as the Fruholmen Islands residence scholarship (Norway). Her subject was on ‘The Drama of Landscape’ of Northcap. She creates inner and exterior landscapes.

Artwork by Zuzanna Skiba, green shape on pink background, oil on canvas.
Artwork by Zuzanna Skiba green feather like marking on brown background.
Artwork by Zuzanna Skiba, red and black pattern with red background, oil on canvas.
Artwork by artist Zuzanna Skiba, composition with yellow, orange, green, brown.
Artwork by Zuzanna Skiba, volcanic landscape artistic interpretation oil on canvas.
Abstract artwork by Zuzanna Skiba, organic shape, textures in red, brown, green.
Artwork by artist Zuzanna Skiba, entitled seefeld, green painting with pink background.
Abstract artwork by Zuzanna Skiba entitled Gefirnist, pink pencil illustration on cardboard.