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Shevaun Doherty

Portrait of artist Shevaun Doherty - tutor painting holiday clos mirabel.

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Shevaun Doherty is an Irish botanical and natural history artist painting in watercolour on paper and vellum, and current President of the Society of Botanical Artists.

An award-winning artist, she regularly exhibits in Ireland and abroad, including the National Gallery Ireland in 2020.Her work is in the collection of the Crawford Gallery, Cork and the Natural History Museum, Dublin. She has designed three sets of Flora and Fauna National postage stamps for Ireland.

She considers herself a visual storyteller, using her skills to raise awareness about endangered species and conservation. Her bumblebee painting is the cover image for the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan.

To find out more about a Botanical Painting Workshop with Shevaun Doherty at Clos Mirabel in Pau, South West France click here.

Purple flower being painted.