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Sara Dudman

A portrait of female artist Sara Dudman in her studio with two paintings behind her.

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Sara Dudman is an elected academician of The Royal West of England Academy of Art. Further to her Degree in Fine Art at Loughborough College of Art and Design and her Master’s Degree at De Montfort University for which she was awarded a distinction, she spent many years combining a career in higher education alongside her own professional artistic practice. This rich harmony has provided a depth of experience that she continues to share through her own artistic practice and as a consultant in higher education, arts’ organisations, galleries and museums. She exhibits extensively including the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in London and other notable international exhibitions. She was a judge for the Sunday Times Watercolour Competition in 2015 and 2016 and is often asked to select work for other prestigious exhibitions.

A deep curiosity about physical and conceptual relationships with the environment drives Sara’s work. Exploring the physical world is central to her practice, examining notions of ‘permanence and impermanence’ and ‘substance and essence’, including human and animal relationships with the environment.

Sara frequently uses low-tech video and photography as sources for reprocessing experiences through drawing and painting. Using layered networks of expressive gestures and marks, Sara’s paintings and drawings reclaim the world as a personal encounter of depth and complexity. Her works present a re-enchantment with the world. Skilfully balancing the technical craft of creating paintings, together with the importance of the conceptual intent, Sara’s practice centres on an urgent need to review our collective relationship with the precious world we inhabit.

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Painting by artist Sara Dudman entitled dynamic equilibrium.
Painting by artist Sara Dudman - rock formation.
Abstract painting by Sara Dudman, rock formation-brown-tones.