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Robin Perko


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An atelier is a historic word for a studio run by a master artist or teacher, where artists learn from each other. Robin Perko studied in ateliers in Florence, London and Salisbury and over time developed his painting skills across Europe. Now back in Nottingham, he runs his own atelier sessions on portrait, still life and landscape painting. Whether he’s painting portraits, still life’s or landscapes, his unique relationship with the subject finds a personal connection with the day to day.

Painting in oils and from life, Robin has built up a large body of realist work. He’s exhibited in the UK, France, Italy and Croatia. His work has been exhibited in the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, the Royal Society of British Artists, the New English Art Club and the Royal Institute of Oil Painters.

When not working on his own projects, Robin teaches a wide range of students at different ability levels. These groups include The Soldiers’ Arts Academy, an Atelier of advanced students at a school in Paris and also one-to-one sessions to develop specific skills for aspiring artists. Robin emphasises that the instruction he delivers is tailored to his audience and also that art is a wonderful therapy!


I joined Robin's painting group in Nottingham, working on still life, benefitting from Robin's mastery of the medium and his patient, encouraging approach to teaching (and I'm speaking as a retired headteacher and education consultant).

I returned to paining in oils on retirement, having laid brushes aside for many years due to pressure at work. Initially I worked one-to-one with Robin, relearning key skills and elements of painting, such as chroma, values and composition.

I was lucky enough to study in Robin’s Atelier for several years. I started from scratch, and learnt so much about painting with oils, in portrait sessions and painting landscapes en plein air.

Robin is a kind and warm hearted teacher… who exacts high standards from his students but always with enjoyment of paint!

Having no previous experience in drawing or painting, I was a little nervous about having a formal art lesson. However, Robin takes the time to explain the techniques we will be using, and patiently demonstrates how to achieve the desired result.

Robin is very encouraging and positive with his students, whilst his own work is inspirational to aspiring artists.


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