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Samantha Buckley

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Samantha Buckley is a specialist in Indian miniature painting. Trained at The Princes School of Traditional Arts in London where she attained a Masters of Art, with distinction.She went on to further her expertise with a year long apprenticeship in India studying with the Master painter Dr. Desmond Lazaro. Continuing this work, Samantha teaches regular workshops for The Princes School of Traditional Arts and the RWA, amongst others.

She continues in her own practice as an artist, most recently being invited to Alula, Saudi Arabia where she completed an artist in residence to paint the local flowers. Samantha has also designed many products for Highgrove, the most well known being “The Highgrove Hen”.

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Painting by artist Samantha Buckley in Indian miniature style of two elephants next to a a temple.
Two tigers below three trees in Indian miniature painting style by artist and tutor Samantha Buckley.
Indian miniature artwork of abstract trees, a blue elephant and child in red top.
Painting of a tree with green leaves and pink cones by artist and workshop tutor Samantha Buckley.
Green and brown florals and trees in Indian miniature style by artist and tutor Samantha Buckley.
Blue tree on on rose gold background indian miniature style artwork by Samantha Buckley.
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