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Portrait of male French-Vietnamese artist Eban, wearing black and orange jacket.

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The crucial element of traditional Chinese and Asian painting is not the subject of the work but the expressive and intuitive use of brush and ink. When the brush is painting a particular scene, it sublimates the environment it is depicting. In Eban’s case, it goes back to his childhood and the happy memories of a caring grandmother. With the eye of a remarkably trained, hugely experienced modern painter mastering both elaborate western and Asian painting techniques, he creates poetic landscapes.

Eban was born in 1954 in Banméthuôt, Vietnam. His mother originates from a minority ethnic group in former Indochina, living on the High Plateaux in Central Vietnam called “Êdes”. The Êdes traditionally live in long stilt houses that resemble boats suspended on top of solid wooden pillars, with no apparent frame. This heritage later strongly influenced Eban whose art is essentially based on water landscapes. Eban’s father was French. Eban studied Graphics and Publicity in Bordeaux, SW France but preferred to turn to the creative arts and to develop his own poetic style that combines both Asian traditional watercolours and western modernism in an extremely meditative and delicate manner.

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Artwork by French-Vietnamese artist and tutor Eban. Abstract landscape painting in brown and white tones with a pastel green foreground.
Artwork by Eban, abstract landscape painting in brown yellow and blue tones.
Artwork by Eban, yellow, green and black abstract painting.