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Portrait of artist Eban wearing black and orange jacket. 


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Eban is a French-Vietnamese artist specialising in watercolour. He studied graphic design and advertising in Bordeaux and then chose to devote himself exclusively to his art, creating a unique style.

He is a descendent of the Ède, an indigenous people of Indochina with roots going back millenia. This rich cultural heritage influences both his art and his teaching philosophy; uniting the crafts of ancient Asian custom with a European Beaux Arts tradition.

Emphasising the present moment, intuition, sensitivity and the capturing of sensations as they appear, distinguishes his approach from a more classical Western one. He is inspired by the interplay of colours and differences in matter. Each picture is a step further in the quest towards new expression.

Eban exhibits and teaches throughout the world.

Dates for Painting Holidays with Eban at Clos Mirabel in Pau, South West France will be posted shortly.

Abstract landscape painting in brown and white tones with a pastel green foreground.
Abstract landscape painting in brown yellow and blue tones.
Yellow, green and black abstract landscape painting by Eban.