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Christiane Bergelt

a portrait of Christiane Bergelt in front of one of her canvas


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Christiane Bergelt was born in 1982 in Marienberg, Germany.
She is a painter living remotely in the woods of Brandenburg.

She graduated from Chelsea College of Art, London in 2010, with an MA in Fine Art. After studies in Fine Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg, Bergelt graduated as Meisterschüler.

Her work evolves around experience, memory, language and the utter joy of exploring colour and shape. The container and foundation for the work is the human figure. These are paintings as accumulation and remnant of all someone’s activities. Motionless at first, but swift like sunbathing lizards, figures emerge.
Working with paper as ground, colour, bodies and pictorial space ignite the practice as a painter.
Events, words and ideas interfere before submitting and we find out when and why it is a painting.

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