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Christiane Bergelt

Woman wearing knitted hat, sitting at a table with hands spread wide on table.

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Christiane Bergelt was born in 1982 in Marienberg, Germany. She is a professional painter living in the remote forested region of Brandenburg.

Having completed her MA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art, London, she continued her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, Nuremberg, graduating with distinction.

Her work evolves around experience, memory, language and the utter joy of exploring colour and shape. The essence and foundation for the work is the human figure. These are paintings disclose a process of accumulation and are reminiscent of all human activities. Motionless at first, then swift like sunbathing lizards, figures emerge.

Working with paper as the basis, colour, bodies and pictorial space ignite her practice as a painter. Events, words and ideas interfere. Submitting to them, we can then find out when and why it has become a painting.

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Artwork by German contemporary artist Christiane Bergelt, blue circular shape on black stripped background.
Painting of black human torso by artist/tutor Christiane Bergelt.
White textured canvas, mixed media, paper on linen by artist Christiane Bergelt.
Green paint on a canvas by German contemporary Artist/Tutor Christiane Bergelt.
Artwork by German artist Christiane Bergelt painting of a torso in shades of blue.
Artwork by Christiane Bergelt, mixed media on paper. Bright-coloured highlights on black paper background.
Artwork by German artist Christiane Bergelt, rectangular and square shapes mimicking a wave pattern.