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Anke Völk

Black and white portrait of international artist Anke Völk.

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Anke Völk’s art is resolutely abstract, but can’t be simply put in a classical art category: highly diverse in its presentation, formally extensive and unpredictable, it also uses relief and shiny, metallic, precious surfaces. Referring to earlier works in some of her paintings and installations, she is regularly looking for self-confirmation, instead of imitating other artists. The complexity of her open, limitless compositions, certainly refers to contemporary artistic questioning. In a number of works, pictorial and real space merge in one another and literally attract the viewer. If the materiality of her compositions is one of the important issues she consciously addresses, there are nonetheless subtle aspects that need to be pointed out such as mirror effects, transparencies, shimmering surfaces and unfinished spaces…

View of the art studio of artist Anke Völk, paintings on walls, stepladder, paint, day bed.
Art installation by Artist Anke Völk, Kienzle Art Foundation, three pieces of art mounted on white wall.
Art installation "Chromaintensity", Kienzle Art Foundation , overlapping blue and purple rectangles.
View of exhibition by international artist Anke Völk.
View of exhibition by international artist Anke Völk.
Artwork by Anke Völk, acrylics, pigment, oil, acrylic spray, paper, screen-print on canvas, pink, green, yellow rectangles on white background.
Portrait of international artist Anke Völk.